Design Gallery pt 1.

This gallery includes graphic design work created for both personal and professional business clientele. The scope of the work includes infographics, branding, cover designs, logos, and much more. Portfolio work is also located on the “Design Gallery pt 2 & 3” tabs. To commission designs for your brand or company please leave your information in the Contact Us tab above.



Through infographic data and abstract patterning, this poster series seeks to inform and expose the history of slavery and how it has reincarnated into today’s modern system of mass incarceration. By visualizing past and present data and showing there congruence ,attention is called to the endless cycles of marginalization and oppressions that have weighed on communities, families, and people of color while existing in America.

Way Finding

Way finding system for the Kansas City Art Institutes Graphic Design senior show


Abstract Type

Inspired by an article on painter Julie Mehretu, I explore how typography can honor the content of fine art.

Through various uses of composition, scale, and color I compose layouts that create typographic representations

of Julie's paintings.


Graphic Design Theory


Honoring Content


Folly Poster

Official poster  Christian McBride Trio  for the 2016 Folly Jazz Series

Official poster Christian McBride Trio for the 2016 Folly Jazz Series

Folly Theater

Folly Theater

Folly Theater

Folly Theater

Outside billboard.jpg
Sm copy.jpg

Campus Talks  Poster

Deborah Sussman poster design for the "2015 KCAI speaker series"

Deborah Sussman poster design for the "2015 KCAI speaker series"

PreSomm Wine Poster | PreSomm Book Cover

Wine Classes Poster

Wine Classes Poster

PreSomm Book Cover.jpg


SoFull App prototype

Problem: The African American community is leading in health problems such as obesity,heart disease, diabetes and the list goes on. All of these health factors boil down to one key problem and that is diet. Soul food has always been a staple within black culture but poses a health risk due to the high content of salts, sugars and fats.

Mission: To aid in the health of African Americans we want to offer healthy alternatives to soul food traditions that keep the food tasty yet lightens the calories by cutting excess fats and salts.

Vision: Improving the health of African Americans by creating a community where likeminded people can post and share their alternative recipes and journeys on healthier cooking to others.

Motion Design

Logo Build Video

Logo build animation for my professional monogram

Patterns Video

I look at the world around me as a collection of patterns both visual and mental. This narrative is an exploration of these patterns and how they are all interconnected.