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Hayveyah McGowan


I am Hayveyah McGowan and I am a painter and designer from St.Louis, Missouri.

Creating has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I knew that I wanted the act of making beautiful things to be apart of my life. This dream became more concrete in high school. During those years, I took painting courses starting at beginner and leveled my way up to the AP art program. All of this happening while being involved in outside art programs like St.Louis Artworks.There, I worked and learned from professional artists Robert Ketchens and William Burton, Jr. and honed my skills and understanding of being paid for my work. During this time I began to be adopted into the bubbling underground art scene of the black and brown youth of St.Louis. ShortIy after I joined with the art collective BRODIE through founders and fellow artists Darian Bradley, Jr. & Jarrel Lawerence. Along with Steven Roach and Torrey Harris, I rounded out the collective at 5. Concurrently, I attended the Kansas City Art Institute where I received my BFA in Graphic Design and took part in the AICAD/New York Studio Residency program, artistically Co-Directed by William Powhida.


Hayveyah McGowan


While gaining my education I continued to focus on my independent practice and business, Hevcasso Creations LLC. Since it’s inception in 2013, I’ve been a part of group shows both locally and nationally, have had a solo show in New York and Chicago through a collaboration with rapper Mick Jenkins & Wallplay Gallery, received a RAC grant, and have had numerous commissions of varying scale. Creating and cultivating my own brand and ideas as a fine artist while being a channel for others ideas as a designer is where I find myself. This is how I began to understand the antithesis that exists within my work. Like the dichotomy between painting & design, the dramas of chaos & balance, shown through color, pattern, composition and form, penetrate my work. These concepts inform my aesthetic and conceptual decisions. I visualize these themes through the lens of identity. Specifically, self portraits of the female form, which speaks to my own existence as a black woman.This work began as a releasing of my own anxieties and my seeking to regain ownership of my autonomy. The daily overthinking and anxiety placed upon us by the societal pressures of both race and gender are visually transformed into almost weightless and ethereal adornments of this struggle.Through a mixed media approach of painting, design and photography, I create images that show the beauty and radiance within the pressures and weights of black womanhood.

Photos By: Adrian Octavius Walker